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Instagram Kumo  Tokyo —

Art Director: Ben King
Creative Lead: Jeanne Modderman
Producer: Hannah May
Vendor: Studio Swine

Inspired by our position in the sky and a sweet homage to our home in Menlo Park 24. I remember the days when we all sat together in one corner of the office in a sleepy town. 

Kumo means Cloud in Japanese. Jeanne and I worked with Studio Swine to help us create an installation that reflected the principles of “Analogue Tech”. The base and resting state of the sculpture should be a safely crafted installation while the tech brings the art piece to life. 

This interactive cloud included 1,600 acrylic tubes all cut and sanded with different thresholds. The 360 degree cloud allows visitors and guest to walk around the installation and through the insides of this wonderous cloud. 
When guests move quickly through the installation, an optical blurring effect that takes place. Throughout the cloud, we have place 4 curated speakers that replicate the sounds of rain and cloud movement. 

Finally, when we step infront of the cloud we prompt tech interactions with the facial features projected on the kumo. Each movement displays a emotion from the cloud. The movments were tracked by sensors and the concept was to give the cloud a glowing personality.

After a year of working through the pandemic, facilties problem-solving, supply chain shortage and earthquake testing we finally completed Kumo with the creative leadership from Studio Swine. Special thanks to our OTD and EE partners to helping us along the way.

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