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Instagram Product Principles Kit 

Art Direction: Ben King
Lead Designer: Jordan Vouga
Designer: Malisa Kuch
Creative Producer: Hannah May
Studio: Studio Lin

Deliver a visual set for our 2020 Product Principles from our leadserhip. 

The Instagram Product Principles is an internal guidelines and best practices for all product and Eng team’s as they continue to build out the product. With the depature of our IG founder’s this kit attempted to bridge the ethos of the past into more contemporary times. 

I led the on-boarding and initial exploration with Brooklyn publication design house, Studio Lin. In partnership with SL, we began to brainstorm and work toward creating an analogue and digital method of appreciating these ideologies.
We designed an interactive notebook that highlighted all principles with photography from creators. The exterior of the book was designed with a flourescent gradient spine and matted squares for customize sticker placement. In addition to the booklet, we created a microsite that allowed you explore the principles and photo pairings. The demo below shows you how we attempted to find ways to gameify learnings of the IGPP. 

Many thanks to Studio Lin, Jordan, Malisa and Hannah for the months of dedication to this project. 

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