Each time I look at you, I’m limp like a glove and feeling like someone in love. —Bjork.
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Moon Collective — Graphic Apparel

Creative Director: Ben King
Creative Lead: Andrew Lee, Malisa Kuch
At the very core of our studio, lays the desire for story telling. We use graphic apparel as a way to brand our ourselves and as a means to share our beliefs, fascinations and up bringing. With the help from many creatives and artists we have delevoped over 300+ graphic tees and outdoor goods over the past 8 years. 
As the creative lead, my role is often compromised of creating the vision for the season, approving artwork, developing techpacks, producing each deliverable and at the very least, designing. 

This is a small look into all the dedication we put into the Moon Collective over the past 8 years. I can’t thank everyone enough for their help, participation and support in my small dream and our studio. 

This is the bottom, only up to go︎.
Works & poems of Benjamin King ︎.