Each time I look at you, I’m limp like a glove and feeling like someone in love. —Bjork.
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Moon Collective — Video 

Art Director: Ben King
Video/Editor: Matt Ching

Four phases of video with specific moods and backdrops to reflect the four most distinct phases of the Moon. 

Back when we all lived together on the island of Oahu, we created small films with such dedication and joy. Every part of the island offered such unique beauty, and thus we are grateful to use these landscapes as backdrops.
Matt and I met a local coffee shops, stealing wifi and story-boarding in our crowded notebooks. We sought talent, found powerful locations and worked with friends for a strong soundtrack. I recognized the power of Moon Collective came alive through the storytelling of video and motion.


Thank you Matty for your dedication and vision on bringing our strange and poetic sketches to life. I’ll always be appreciative to you for helping me build my dream.

This is the bottom, only up to go︎.
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