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Try Coffee — Branding

Role: Art Direction, typography, logo design, voice, and illustration.

Try Coffee is a local coffee shop and boutique. I worked closely with founder, Tk Yamada, to understand his vision for the brand and how we could develop an identity that reflected the shops playful nature. 

To many patrons of Try Coffee, the shop and barista‘s are more than a transactional touch point. When a guest visit’s the shop, they stay for hours talking story with friends and TK. The coffee is exceptional and the staff even better. 

Working with the team in the past, they trusted my process and my ability to bring personality into retail system. I sat and worked in the space for weeks to understand the audience and energy. We kicked off with rounds of rough sketches and eventually to our three refined lockups. 
We circled back to the Try Guy. A simple linear shaped “being” that felt so sincere, honest and even comical. The logo can be perceived as a customer asking for service or the staff presently a perfectly crafted drink. 

The type face was inspired by old Waikiki hotel, apartments and condos. Rounded edges balances with hard cuts, the perfect blend of professional and care. 

If you miss me, visit me. The Try Coffee motto and honest expression. If you ever make it to Oahu please make a visit to Tk and our friends at Try.

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