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BoxJelly — Branding

Art Direction, typography, logo design, voice development, illustration, photo direction, copywriting, & web UX.

In conjuction with BoxJelly’s 2021 expansion, I worked closely with founder, Rechung Fujihira, to refresh the brand identity and strategy. 

BoxJelly holds a very dear place in my heart. When I first moved to Honolulu, this co-working space welcomed and showed me the beauty of the island. I was given the abilty to curate art shows, work in the space and paint in the studio. 

In gratitude, I focused on developing the entire brand system: voice, identity, web, phtography, strategy and illustration system of the company.
I developed the brand ethos, Work Hard, Live Better as a reminder that life, friends, family and doing what you love can mix organically with career. It’s being intentional about the  balance.

The three rings of the logo symbolize the BoxJelly family, the residence and the community they have built. The composition is also inspired by the form and organism of a BoxJelly fish. Imperfect in style, much like the space with such full personality. 

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