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Gradient Capsule

Art Director: Ben King
Creative Lead: Jeanne Modderman
Creative: Rahul Parikh
Producer: Hannah May
Agency: Crosby Studios

The Gradient Capsule is inspired by the minimal UI and design system of our platform. Simple in form with bursts of color pops, like Instagram.

In collaboration with NY/Moscow design studio, Crosby Studio, we created a seamless structure that displayed the new colors from Brand Identity.

My objective was to ensure new expressions of the brand evolution was integrated into the sculptural monument. The vibrancy of the new gradient was animated through a softbox on the ceiling, spreading a color wash throughout the space.
I worked closely with Crosby to refine materials, define user flow and craft photomoments within the installation.

Throughout the project we held brainstorms, sprints and weekly checking with the studio to align on milestones and sweat all the hidden details. In a small Brooklyn studio, we saw our concept grow day by day. 

Currently, in our next phase we are developing an integrated AR filter with a full immersive feel. 

Once you step into the craft, you will immediately see the gradient wash over the room reflecting from the steel-lined walls. The moon-like soundscape was led by my partner, Jeanne Modderman, in partnership with Meta Sound Design. I love this installation for it’s simplicity and extraterrestrial construction. A sincere thank you to Harry, Tyler and Masha for making this idea into a reality.

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