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Instagram Designer Box

CD: Ian Spalter
Art Direction:
Ben King
Design: Kristofer Porter
Fabrication: Snake Craft

I worked closely with the Design Director to develop a keep-sake that was innovative, organic, and provided useful tools for all product designers.

I lead the creative and production of 200+ custom welcome boxes for our world class design team. I proposed 3 concepts that led to our hero. The gifts within the box, served as tools and inspirations for our new creatives.

Once the items are taken out, the box can be used as a device station designed with an outlet in the back. 
These monochromatic bento boxes were handmade in San Francisco and tested meticulously. The first layers contained a coffee card, enough for you and a colleague. The disposable ilford camera serves as a joyful reminder our photo sharing platform. The idea was to invite all new employees to document their first week at the office and share during design sync.

I worked with Kris Porters on the design and illustrative design zine that displayed all our design principles.

During an offsite, I laid out 65+ pens and 20+ notebooks for our designers to test. We tallied up the best in show and began outreach with all the manufacturers. In total, we gifted 200+ custom IG Design Box to some of the very first product designers to push the innovation of the app. 

This is the bottom, only up to go︎.
Works & poems of Benjamin King ︎.