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Instagram Lobby Installations

Team: Meta Facilities and Brand
Art Direction: Ben King
Art Direction: Jeanne Modderman
Art Direction: Pamela Chen
Studios: Adi Goodrich

Our team focuses on all aspects of brand in IRL. With an open slate, we focused on designing 6 elevator lobby experiences for internal employees to use as a backdrop for posting in product and to enjoy while waiting for our notoriously slow elevators.

We led pitches to leadership about using these forgotten spaces as brand moments to provide some brand equity and color into a building that felt agnostic of personality. We worked with XFN partners to find additional budget and Meta Facilities to work structure limitations. Lastly, we worked with the vendors to moodboard and sketch what the space and sky installation could look like in the bays. 

We highlighted up-coming designers and creators in LA to collaborate with the brand team in space. Our team worked with closely with designer Adi Goodrich on the fabrication of these beautiful installtions.
The concepts were inspired by the ideas of portals and spaces. We wanted the two installations to feel like ways into another place and environment. An employee could round a corner and find themselves  in an instagrammable moment in office.

One titled 'Space' and the other titled 'Sky' shows a portal to the outside world - outside of the office and away from tech.

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