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Nike — Sport Pulse

Art Director: Ben King
Client: Swoosh 

Work for the Swoosh Gang by the Moon Studios Gang.

Sport Pulse is a digital retail technology team at Nike working on digital hardware and experiences for the store fleet. The team is part of the broader brand and stores marketing organization, but operates at the intersection of retail design, experience design, hardware innovation and experiential marketing.

This brief is for the development of a collection of Sport Pulse Merch that will be given to internal leaders and teammates. In short, to add the Moon Collective/Studio touch. A little bit of emotion, mystery, connection and humor.
The work focused on creating a micro brand for this internal team and applying the refresh to collateral and clothing. I put on my copywriter hat to muster out a couple of funny, sweet and truthful words.

Writers notes:
It was an absolute delight to work with Nike and finally be able to create something special for a brand I looked up to for so long. Many thanks to my bff @hanburgler and lead @benthenovak for bringing me into the fold and accepting my vision.

A little dream, working for brand that we all grew up loving and hoping to oneday be apart of in our own way. 

This is the bottom, only up to go︎.
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