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eBay — SneakerCon

Art Director: Ben King
Client: eBay 

The Genesis:
eBay is making a big push into the streetwear and sneaker community through grassroots events and activations in major cultural hubs and cities around the world.

The next big event, SneakerCon Bay Area represents an opportunity to position eBay as host and activator of the sneaker resale industry, bringing buyers, sellers and vendors together. For this special event, eBay will be partnering with Moon Collective on an exclusive merch capsule celebrating the moment and uplifting an AAPI design partner as a collaborator.
The Design:
Inspired by vintage fleas and sports catalogs, World’s Greatest evokes the feeling of digging for gems among a sea of items. At a distance, maximal graphics leads into interesting stories. Upon closer inspection, every graphic is a little gem, representing the experience we want to provide to our SneakerCon attendees.

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